Project Hub

Project Hub

“Rather than standing or speaking for children, we need to stand with children speaking for themselves.” —Sandra Meucci

Project Hub holds regular office hours weekdays from 2:00 pm  to 6:30 pm. Delray youth are   able to stop by, hang out,  complete homework, and  utilize WIFI and technology.  This supports a high touch  relational approach to service provision.



Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) Tutoring

In October 2020, EJS started our Saturday Tutorial Initiative. When we learned our students were struggling with adjusting to distance learning we began bringing in tutors to assist them in their core-academic coursework on Saturdays. With the success of Saturday Tutorials we took it a step further and have begun assisting our students with preparing for the Florida State Assessment (FSA), which is a vital standardized test that determines whether or not they are granted a diploma.